Creating Dashboards and Infographics with Excel

Data Analytics, Dashboards and Infographics with Excel

Phrases like "big data", "the cloud" and "analytics" are appearing in evermore frequently in every part of the economy. It doesn't matter whether you are working in the health service, finance, sports or marketing, the predictions are pretty much unanimous that harnessing the power of the data that is available inside and outside organisations will be a prerequisite for success in the coming years.

One of the problems that arises with the amount of data that is becoming available is how to evaluate it and present it in meaningful ways. This is where infographics and dashboards come into their own.

Who is this Course for?

This programme is for anybody who would like to understand more about how you can used Microsoft Excel to analyse data and then present it in the form of a dashboard or infographic.

What will you Learn?

Participants will learn to import significant amounts of data into Microsoft Excel (Excel 2016 preferred) and analyse it using powerful tools and add-ons. Participants will also learn how to present the data in understandable and accessible forms. 

This course is a "hands-on" course, participants will be wrangling and presenting data in Excel from early on in the course. Participants will work through real data sets, learning to analyse and present the data as they go.

At the end of the Programme participants will understand:

  • Analysing and categorising data into usable forms: Show More
    • Importing data from a range of sources into Excel
    • Categorising your data into meaningful classifications
    • Undertaking basic statistical analysis using Excel
    • Presenting data using simple diagrams
  • Data Visualisation: Show More
    • Choosing the appropriate chart for a particular type of data
    • Establishing meaningful group sizes for data sets
    • Deciding how much information to include on your chart 
    • The rise of the infographic and dashboard as a means of presenting performance data 
  • Dashboards - reports that managers can understand: Show More
    • Before you start - know what you want to communicate with your dashboard
    • Elements of a dashboard:
      • Graphs
      • Charts (Pie Charts)
      • Gauges
      • Numeric and written information (not everything can be presented graphically)
    • Making your Dashboard Interactive
  • Infographics - making data beautiful: Show More
    • Infographics as a tool for mass communication
    • Establishing what you want to say with your infographic - know your target audience
    • Creating your infographic with Excel and Powerpoint
    • Creating infographics using online infographic tools
      • Vennage
      • Canva

Delivery and Fees

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  1. This programme is delivered as an in house programme over 1 day
  2. Delivery is charged on a "per-day" basis. Our current fee is €1,500 per day for up to 15 attendees
  3. A fee may be charged if the client required a comprehensively tailored programme
  4. The training facility will be supplied and paid for by the client. Staff of the Institute of Finance Training will be available to help with the software set-up
  5. Programme Fees are not subject to VAT


Programme Facilitator

Richard O'Callaghan FCPFA ACMA AIPA

Richard is Director of Training with the IFT. He was previously the Chief Executive of a Recognised Accountancy Body and is currently delivering a range of finance programmes for DIT, IADT, BIFE, Accounting Technicians Ireland, Public Affairs Ireland, and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and of the Institute of Incorporated Public Accountants. He also has a very strong information technology background, and has been particularly interested in the intersection between finance and information technology throughout his career.

He has been running finance and business skills courses for more than 18 years.